of soap root, mould and waffle irons …

This is a post about cleaning, therefore I am listening to Robert Palmer’s Housework in honour of the post. So much has happened to my hero in a fairly short space of time, so much of the minutiae of life in the underground cities has had to be glossed over. Things like soap. We know they have showers, and wash dishes, but how do they make soap? Ok, so maybe only I notice that my characters haven’t checked out how soap is made on this alien planet – but I have just written a scene where Daniel helps to harvest soaproot, so I thought I’d write today’s post about the art of being clean when living in an alien underground city.

Given the last few hours spent on cleaning products, it amused me no end to sign in, and discover a heap of spam comments about how to get rid of mould from clothing, and how to find a vast range of waffle irons … and the best way to clean them. And in the background Mr Palmer sang:

“Time for just one more cup of coffee
You know the housework won’t wait.”

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