Fact or Fiction?

A friend linked to a blog post titled Did It Really Happen – Fact, Fiction, Fate.   One of my horror short stories has received the most “Did that really happen?” type of questions thus far. In the story I wrote about a toddler who had her eyes plucked out by a crow, the story told of her life in fractured scenes up til she was about six years old. Did it really happen? Well, I’ve never seen a baby left alone long enough where a crow could get a chance to do such damage. Could it happen? Potentially, yes. I have seen the after effects when crows peck the eyes out of lambs. It leaves the lamb unable to find food and, unless rescued and hand reared, they die of starvation, then the crows get fed. It’s a slow and rather gruesome way to die, but crows are carrion feeders – if there is no food for them, they will create it.

How much truth is in the Underground books? I’m currently working on a scene that, when I first wrote it, wasn’t something I’d seen or experienced. In between the first writing, and the re-writing, however, I have experienced loss because of it, and that extra knowledge has informed the re-write. It is also making it quite hard to write.

I’ll leave you with this song, Fly Low, Carrion Crow by the Two Gallants. It just seems appropriate.

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