Ohhh – shiny!

Growing up on a farm I learnt how to weld (not well enough to get a welding job, but well enough that anything I welded together stayed that way even if the weld didn’t look pretty) I’m better at soldering, though. But proper welding, and smithing of all sorts has always captured my attention. Swords have also been one of the things I really appreciate. I have a healthy respect for the sheer workmanship that craft such gorgeous tools, but I never forget how deadly they can be. Accordingly I wince when I hear the metallic sound of a sword being drawn in a movie (that’s going to damage the blade you idiots!) and I may have been known to lecture my television screen when a character grabs a sword around the naked blade, (what, you woke up today and decided, hey – I don’t really need all these fingers…)

One of the few youtube channels I watch is the Man At Arms Reforged one, where they recreate famous historical, as well as fantasy and sci fi swords. So this episode, where they recreated Narsil, from Lord of the Rings, using only 19th C techniques and equipment, I’ve watched a couple of times … for, research. Yeah, research. And not at all because they look like they are having so much fun hunting gel orcs with a pretty shiny blade. Research … honest. 🙂

No, I’m not entirely sure where I will use this research, but I’m sure I will use it -somewhere.

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