Happy World Dragon Day

It seems entirely appropriate to share some of my favourite dragon stories today – some are all about the dragons, but all would be the poorer without their dragons:

My all-time favourite dragon story is by the late, great Angus Wells, his stand alone fantasy – Lords of the Sky. I can’t remember how many times I’ve read, and re-read this, but I do know I’ve gone through a couple of copies of the book. It’s a first person narrative, entirely appropriate for the point of view character, who is a travelling storyman.

Blue Moon Rising, by Simon R Green not only has one of the best dragons, but also my favourite unicorn. It also introduces the reader to Rupert and Julia for the first time, and again, it’s been re-read (along with the Hawk and Fisher series, and Beyond Blue Moon) many, many times.

Pyramid Scheme and Pyramid Powerby Dave Freer and Eric Flint. These two dragons make me laugh. Out loud. Every. Single. Time. I’d almost be tempted to enter the Pyramid universe if I was guaranteed to meet these guys 🙂

The Demon Child trilogy, by Jennifer Fallon, has my favourite dragon that isn’t actually a dragon. The trilogy also has a very satisfying ending. Ok, if you are looking for a happy ever after ending, maybe it’s not the one for you. But for me, the ending to this was absolute perfection.

Dave Freer gets another nod with his Dragon’s Ringand Dog & Dragon, novels. All the novels of Dave Freer, and Jennifer Fallon, that I own (which is most of them, but I need to replace a couple) live on my re-read shelves. I like work that has a strong thread of humour, especially wry or dark humour, running through it. These are two authors I will buy a new novel from, sight unseen – they have never, ever disappointed me.

So there you have it, a short list of some of the dragons who have made my life better for their existence. There are so many others I also love, the dragons of Pern for instance, but these ones are the ones I return to again, and again.

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