mystic spammers?

Today was one of those getting close to Spring days, so morning was spent outside in the garden, followed by coffee and writing this afternoon in the sunshine. I just closed the document down for the day, and came in to write today’s post and saw a heap of comments awaiting moderation. Every single one of them used the word mystic. From ‘mystic office fryers’ presumable for the ultimate wedding as their name had something to do with wedding catering (and you just know there is a story in the idea of mystic office fryers …) – to the high ‘probability that Trotsky was behind the mystic attacks’ … Right. Umm.

But my favourite had to be this one:

‘The ability to read coming from house is actually a need to
possess characteristic for any reliable mystic service.’

So close to making sense, and yet so far. Or; Missed, by that much. 🙂

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