world-building maps

Part of the fun of creating an entire new world was doing very bad topographical maps of my landscapes. Fortunately no one else ever has to see these maps, but it helps me to know how far my characters have to travel, and what the terrain is like. And, it’s fun 🙂 However, cartography is not a skill of mine. Actually, visual art in general is not a skill of mine. So my maps are awful.  (I kind of suspect that the people I know who are cartographers would probably ritually sacrifice these maps if they ever got to see them, in order to put them out of their misery.)

So then I saw this video of an interactive topographic map in a sandbox. Kids playing in a sandbox can make amazingly creative, better maps than mine. If I didn’t want to get one for myself, and create my own sandbox maps so much, I’d almost be crushed by that.

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