snow dragon art

I love dragons, so much so that I am wondering why I didn’t write some dragons into my story. I have some very big* lizards in the series, though I’m a bit away from that part of the story yet, but no dragons.

So I was quite blown away by this dragon, created on snow for a movie. Just amazing in detail, and all done by walking!

* By very big, I do, of course, mean beyond gigantic lizards. Poisonous, meat-eating lizards.

when the writing doesn’t happen …

I read a blog piece by the talented Peter M Ball today, titled Putting on My Red Shoes, and Dancing the Blues. I have gone back to it a couple of times since. Writing is so very important to me, that I get antsy when I don’t write. Over the last two years, basically since before Lost Beginnings was first released, I’ve been very ill and in huge amounts of pain. I kept writing. There are all sorts of people who will tell you trying to write in that mind set is pretty much useless, and you’ll write a fair amount of crap. These people are correct.

But still I kept writing, and this year, between dealing with everything, has been devoted to re-writing. Because while I did get the story down, well … I’ll let Snoopy say it, I think snoopy editing


Ok, so I saw it a while back during all the computer dramas, and forgot to post a link to it, but I am really chuffed with this review of Lost Beginnings. However – ‘the director outside switching scenes and sound stages’ is my brain; how it is written is how I see the story as I’m writing. I guess it shows that I grew up watching Star Trek re-runs. Also – any time someone finds a way to compare any part of my work favourably to Harry Turtledove’s? Yeah, I’m happy 🙂