damn muse

Trying to get as much writing done as possible on Ep 3, so I can have some down time while the new computer is being built. Of course I’m still thinking about names – although AghaJhar, from the random dragon name generator site, has appeal. It means: Agha – any colour, or metal (metal fits) Jhar: Charm/mystic/spell/wizard (hmm Metal Wizard …) It has appeal, because well, dragons 🙂 Mind you, I might decide the new computer needs a feminine name, and there’s a dragon name generator for that, too. OntrixMarux means Enchanted Lightning. I wonder if bestowing a dragon name on the new computer would make me think twice about cursing it when it misbehaves?

In the middle of all this, and clearing away the research, backing up all the files, etc – I get not only ideas for Season 3 of Underground, but a new short story, and a totally different story altogether. *sighs* All ideas duly noted, character files and plot arcs documented, and added to the general backing up of all files. Turn off now, thanks muse, just for a week or two.


Abandoned Sentinel is with the publisher; Seldi of Legend is just waiting for the art director to finish up the cover, and it’s basically ready to go. Episode 3 is steadily progressing, it has a working title of Ghost Ship Hunting, but I’m pretty sure that won’t be the final title. However the SNC is beginning to struggle to do what I need. It did well in getting me past the crisis when Old Faithful began making death rattle noises. But it’s time to bite the bullet, and get a new computer. Or, well, build a new computer 🙂

I’m trying to think what to name the new computer. (Yes, I name my computers) My new case is going to be a dark silver grey – so Silverback is a potential, as is Titus, or Digit. I have some time to think about it, while I wait for the components to be sent up (hazards of rural living) In the mean time, I have to clear all my research from my desk …

Hmm, maybe I should have started sooner.