And not the internet kind. Finished Ghost Ship, and promptly got ill. So I have spent a week or two as a convalescent, and doing what all good people convalescing from illness do, I made serious progress building the world of Abstrunde in Minecraft.

It’s research, honest 🙂

worldbuilding thoughts

There were a few places in Ghost Ship, that truly didn’t work. They should have, the text took the story exactly where I wanted it to go – but it just didn’t work. I tried walking away from it and work on other parts of the story, to see if that would help me sort it out. Nope. So I tried from a slightly more unusual aspect and built the part of the world I was writing in, in Minecraft. I put all the infodump data, that doesn’t go into the story, into the build and walked my character around the space.

It worked, brilliantly. So now I am simply just going to have to build the rest of Abstrunde, and Nomassaii, as well as Garraloi in Minecraft … right? Yeah, I thought so 🙂

One More Cup of Coffee

One of my favourite Bob Dylan songs, and somewhat appropriate. For while Ghost Ship will take slightly longer than one more cup of coffee, it’s very close to being ready to be sent off to the publisher.

I’ve added a short bio to the website, and also added a Coming Soon for Underground Season Two page. 🙂 Art work is close to being decided for the whole season. One more pass through for feral commas and typos, and it should be good to go.

Because I’ve been fairly lazy about updating the website I found a heap of spam messages waiting my return. They’ve been read and duly consigned to the trash. I will admit, however, to admiring those who must know their messages are never going to see the light of day, and yet still put in eight paragraphs of dodgy links. There’s a certain kind of desperate “Eff you” to that kind of dedication.