World building dossiers

I’ve been working on the world of the Underground series for a very long time. When I began, I created dossiers on my characters. All of them – even those that didn’t appear in the original story. I used to say if one character preferred vanilla ice cream to chocolate ice cream, then I wanted to know why. It meant that when I threw various things at these characters, I had already been inside their heads, I knew how they were going to react.

It also meant that as the story changed, and more characters became necessary parts of the story, I already knew those characters as well as I knew the ones who had been in the original novella. Some of them I didn’t even have names for, but I knew their entire family history. The end result? I am halfway through Ep 1 (tentatively titled Journey) Season 3 of a much older, much darker story than the one I originally began to outline back in 2000, and it is only now that I’ve had to seriously do some more of the Seldi character dossiers. But even now, I’m only having to place the families. I already know what Province they come from, what the land is like, and I know why they aren’t as highly prized as fighting elites.

Research is fun.