About Ryn

Always an avid reader, Ryn took the long way round to becoming a writer. They used this time to form their view of the world as a very odd place.  From exiting a car via the windscreen (to the tune of Alice Cooper’s Welcome to my Nightmare, no less) and the rehab that followed (hint, when facing reconstructive surgery, it’s probably not a good idea to read Robin Cook’s Coma)  Playing in pub bands, raising a family, working in shops, factories, and even a stint as a pizza delivery driver came along before the need to tell her stories became paramount. Even then she took a detour into small press publishing with the long since defunct Eneit Press.

Also published under the name Sharyn Buchhorn, Lilley has had a chapter published in the 2003 Murray Time project (Letao) and short stories published in Flashspec One (Equilibrium Books), In Bad Dreams One (Eneit Press), Black Box (Brimstone Press), Rigorous Mortis (Scarlett River Press), Blood and Roses (Scarlett River Press) Daily Frights 2012 (Pill Hill Press), Charms Vol 3 (a Sally Odgers project) and Disquiet (Creativa)

The Underground series is her first novel length work, inspired by her 2001 children’s novella, Barillia Underground (Challenger Books.)