Falcon Heavy

I watched the test flight of the Falcon Heavy today. Over and beyond the excitement of the launch was the excitement of watching the boosters land back safely. It occurred to me that there would be children watching today’s launch for whom boosters will always be able to be returned, and re-used. The notion that we used to discard such things will seem highly illogical to them. But for those of us who grew up accepting we blithely littered outer space in order to explore, today was simply amazing.


Elite Dangerous is making me rethink the propulsion method I’d chosen when I first researched the worldbuilding for the Underground series … currently reading up on Dr Van Den Broek’s changes to Alcubierre’s warp bubble theory.

Research is fun 🙂

Favourite Typos

I’ve just finished going over the edits for Hapoths of Garraloi ~ Episode 3, Season 2 of The Underground. Writing ‘form’ instead of ‘from’ is common, but my favourite typo from today’s lot had my character brining people.  Given my aliens are between 2-3 metres tall, you’d need a fairly large pot to brine them …

Do the job properly the first time … or not.

When I worldbuild, it’s usually from a molecular level up. So I know the mineral content and geological makeup of each of my planets. Then I work out the gravity, and how long each one takes to make a trip around its sun. I work out the effects of tides on the land.

Sometimes I use a bit of shorthand. Usually for the towns and how they are laid out. Especially if, when I created the world, I didn’t think this part of it would be on show, so I haven’t got a streetscape, nor is it peopled.

Sometimes this comes back to bite me on the butt, and I get to spend a couple of days trying to decipher the shorthand I used several years ago, to fully create the town I now want to write about. A job that would have taken me maybe half an hour had I done it properly at the time …

*sighs* Past me sucks.

World building dossiers

I’ve been working on the world of the Underground series for a very long time. When I began, I created dossiers on my characters. All of them – even those that didn’t appear in the original story. I used to say if one character preferred vanilla ice cream to chocolate ice cream, then I wanted to know why. It meant that when I threw various things at these characters, I had already been inside their heads, I knew how they were going to react.

It also meant that as the story changed, and more characters became necessary parts of the story, I already knew those characters as well as I knew the ones who had been in the original novella. Some of them I didn’t even have names for, but I knew their entire family history. The end result? I am halfway through Ep 1 (tentatively titled Journey) Season 3 of a much older, much darker story than the one I originally began to outline back in 2000, and it is only now that I’ve had to seriously do some more of the Seldi character dossiers. But even now, I’m only having to place the families. I already know what Province they come from, what the land is like, and I know why they aren’t as highly prized as fighting elites.

Research is fun.

World building thoughts

Season Three is coming along nicely, and early on we get to see more of the everyday Seldi people. Water, as a blessing and for everyday life is hugely significant for them. Some of my world building to make their society included examining Roman and Norse histories, and their beliefs and respect for water. This description of the Norse Ausa Vatni ritual is pretty interesting.


Ghost Ship is finally on it’s way to my publisher, and I’ve made a decent start on Season Three. I’ve also pitched a non-fiction to my publisher, and they are interested. Now I’d better get it written. More news on that next year.

Did the usual clearing comments of spam before I began to write this. I have no idea why, but last year’s post about soap root, mould and waffle irons gets the most spammer attention …

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