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It’s been a lovely sunny day, I’ve been admiring it every time I took a break from the computer. A while ago I took part in a double interview with fellow Snapping Turtle author, Ashley Capes. Ashley is an old friend, and the author of City of Masks, which is a seriously good read (don’t take my word, check out this review) So when he came up with the idea of us interviewing each other, I agreed immediately. You can find Part 1 of our interview here, where we talk about music and writing

Today’s work

Today’s work has included editing five chapters of someone else’s work (and it was good enough to make me not want to stop.) I’ve learnt, however, that in order to maintain concentration on the editing process, and not get carried away by the story, I need to do it in five chapter bursts.

I love reading work that makes me want to read on, where I don’t notice typos, or feral commas. I’m a speed reader, always have been, so my mind constantly puts in what should be there in order to not break the reading. Editing means breaking my brain’s long established habit, and making it look at what’s actually there. I need softer music, more laid-back and flowing, when I’m editing. Today I was listening to some classic J.J. Cale.

And tonight? Tonight I get to make my brain do the same thing on my own work. I want to get both this manuscript, and the edits to Seldi of Legend, off on Monday so I can finish up the current episode.

Feeling accomplished

If I look to my left, I can now see a link to Season One of the Underground series – I believe it’s showing differently for other devices. I spent hours yesterday reading every how to display a page article I could find. This morning it occurred to me to check out youtube for tutorials. Of course there was something I had missed, I hadn’t set up the categories …

Now, coffee to hand, some music to write to, and edits open. Time to get to work