The Underground Series ~ Season One

Daniel Rolan is bored. Not your average, everyday kind-of bored. The seriously mind-blowing I’m-stuck-here-at-the-end-of-the-universe-surrounded-by-nerds kind of bored. Living on a space station might sound like an adventure straight out of a science fiction movie, but in reality – as Daniel was discovering day after boring day – it was really, well… mostly boring. But Daniel will soon come to regret wishing for an action and adventure filled life. One seemingly innocent decision – and a catastrophe he could not have foreseen – is about to change his world forever. It will set him on a path he never imagined, introduce him to new friends and even aliens he could not have thought up in his wildest dreams. Eventually it will even challenge his notion of where the end of the universe actually is. Meanwhile, on the alien world of Nomassaii, the larger of the two planets through the Veil, Jacdan would love a bit of boredom. He has far more action and adventure in his life than he’d like. Sentenced to die in the arena, he’s fighting – battle by battle – to survive another day. But it’s one thing to fight for your own life – quite another to discover you are fighting for your little brother’s life, as well. These alien worlds are about to collide, changing the lives of Daniel and Jacdan forever.

Episode 1 Lost Beginnings

Episode 1: Lost Beginnings currently unavailable

Episode 2 The Fosterling

Episode 2: The Fosterling currently unavailable

Episode 3 The Sentinels

Episode 3: The Sentinels currently unavailable

Underground Season One complete

Or, all three episodes, in The Complete Season One currently unavailable

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