The Underground Series – Season Two

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Episode One – Seldi of Legend

Seldi of Legend What do you do when there’s a monstrous legend in your new home … and you’re the reason he’s there?

Daniel had rescued the Seldi, and now the Karnaii people had to help this fearsome creature heal. Kept in a coma, with broken limbs and sliced open from side to side, Daniel didn’t think the Seldi looked frightening at all. He was more worried about his friend, Matuu, and what was wrong with Matuu’s mother. Between helping Matuu, and studying for his own Testing, Daniel had more important things to think about.

Back on Nomassaii, Sulee barely had time to grieve for Jacdan. She had to decide if she could trust the old prisoner, and even if she did, could his crazy plan really help her to escape this place and raise her pups?